When I first started this blog four years ago, it was a space to record the daily meanderings of a young girl who was going off on a great big adventure. There was no point or purpose to my writing; I just wanted to share, and share I did.

Then, things happened, and people happened, and life happened, and the blog began to take on a different shape. I attempted to have strict schedules and patterns, I dabbled in fashion blogging and photography (two interests that still remain close to my heart today), and I bought my own domain after grappling with the idea for a long time.

It’s a new year.

I have absolutely no goal or purpose for this web space, except that it means the world to me, it has seen me at my best and at my worst, and it continues to be my testament of life and of all the people in it that I’ve been blessed to know.

One thing I am absolutely certain of, is that I am going to keep writing. I don’t quite know what else to do with all the stories that I keep collecting along my journey.

So, welcome.

Welcome to a place where there are words, there is a woman, and there exists a universe between the two.

  • Jonathan Foo


    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Thank you, dear<3 Love you back!

  • Aishwarya

    I love your blog sis hehe <333

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Haha! Yay(: Did you start something for yourself last night?

  • http://maranwetelrunya.wordpress.com Mara

    Finally, a real about page! I love it! And you’re lovely. Really.

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Love you too, my lovely<3

  • Rohit

    Cool blog. Your vocabulary and style of writing are indicative of a good future in the world of literature. Don’t forgte us little people when you become the next jane Austen ;)

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Haha Jane Austen? Pffft, those are lofty dreams, dude. But thank you for the compliments, nevertheless. Bookmark this page! Hope to see you around soon(:

  • http://readersheaven.net ReadersHeaven

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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  • http://pure2core.wordpress.com pure2core

    May sound stupid!! but ,the reason why i visited your blog was similarity of name (Aarthi)
    be my friend …..

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Hello, I didn’t realise that there was a comment left here, and it was such a long time ago as well! Definitely:) Hope to see you around :)

  • stephanie

    Aloha! Inspired by your treasured quotes all the way here in Hawaii.

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Thank you very much Stephanie! Hawaii must be an amazing place to be!! Have a lovely week ahead :)

  • t.on.air

    Nice introduction. You got my attention.

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      Thank you!! X

  • http://supersoniceuphony.wordpress.com ayasonice

    Great blog! I look forward to reading more :)

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      thank you very much for your love!! Xx

  • http://paradoxique.wordpress.com guesswho

    Love you! Let’s catch up after I’m done with finals on the 25th.. where you at/when you free?!

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Haha oh Kyna, you do realize that you left your email address with your name on it right? That defies the purpose of playing “guess who”. I am back in the Uk, and yes let’s catch up!

      • http://paradoxique.wordpress.com guesswho

        Definitely! Am yours anytime after the 25th.. will skype you! Aha… that was meant to be ironic ;)

  • bhuvan :D

    friggin awesomeeeezzx ..!

    • http://miffalicious.wordpress.com miffalicious

      Thank you, darling<3

  • Samantha

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    Anyways, we’d love to work together. If you’re interested, just let me know. I’d just need to fill out an insertion order with you and we can start serving same day. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Dimple Adalja

    Hey I am in UK today.. Just came across your blog from Facebook.. Started reading it and found it very interesting. I also love fashion and recently started publishing my blog online.. :) I will add u on fb.. take care..

    • http://www.miffalicious.com miffalicious

      Hi Dimple. Great to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed my blog; looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Richa

    I often wondered what Miffalicious means! lol..A big move in 2013 huh? Sounds exciting! Looking forward to hearing where you’re headed next! :)